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The Wenzhou China and Sweden technological development Limited company is provides the product forgery-proof system solution the high technology and new technology enterprise, the stepping in specialized forgery-proof domain unit; The Sino-Swedish forgery-proof devotes to inducts comprehensively the present information technology traditional the forgery-proof and the physical distribution management domain, simultaneously unifies with the advanced printing technology, makes the abundant high quality forgery-proof product together, provides the omni-directional service for the customer.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> the </dnt> China and Sweden provide the product forgery-proof solution, against flees the goods solution as well as the corresponding forgery-proof product, is uses the modern computer information security technology, the data bank administration technology, the security technology, the automatic diagnosis technology, the new material as well as the modern mechanics of communication comprehensive conformity, is the wisdom and the technical crystallization. The Sino-Swedish forgery-proof technology R&D center contains under post-doctorate's leadership in the Zhejiang University information science specialized forest, innovates unceasingly, establishes the product forgery-proof information management for the numerous enterprises as well as against flees the physical distribution management system management system, realizes through the nationwide information feedback system help enterprise eliminates the counterfeit goods, the control to flee the goods, to have the customer information, the management physical distribution information, the assurance market to sell the trend, to enhance the region sale dynamics, the rich retailing management tool and so on many goals.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> under the </dnt> China and Sweden forgery-proof was equipped with the forgery-proof industry center, the registration of trademark center, the intellectual property rights consultation center, the forgery-proof industry center has absorbed the original Wenzhou China and Sweden Technology Company and the forgery-proof printing shop related resources and carries on the full effective conformity, thus caused China and Sweden at the technical research and development, printing, the sale and so on to form the integrated superiority, and becomes the Chinese Forgery-proof Technology Leading Unit rapidly, the Sino-Swedish forgery-proof becomes the Chinese Forgery-proof Profession Association Director Unit officially in 2005. China and Sweden with the general forgery-proofs, will print the colleague to devote together as always in push to the modern forgery-proof technology and the printing technology a new altitude.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> the </dnt> China and Sweden, the development innovation, strives for realism enterprising, makes the Chinese forgery-proof industry flagship with all one's strength, vowed into the customer permanent faith's partner, provides personalized, specialized and the serialized forgery-proof product and the service for the customer.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt>         Eagerly anticipates the Chinese forgery-proof technology tidal current
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt>         Makes the Chinese forgery-proof industry flagship
<dnt> </dnt>

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